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Following the successful Leonardo, Giotto, Newton, Drake, Goa, and Cartesio, NEON is the seventh project designed, developed and produced in Italy 100% by its subsidiary Cressi Elettronica. It is a completely modular construction clock format computer, extremely robust and reliable. Cressi has all the quality control of this product for being fully developed and manufactured in Cressi Elettronica, both in relation to the programming of the Software and its construction and manufacturing, quality control and after-sales service.

It is an elegant and versatile proposal, under its sporty appearance and attractive watch hides a very complete diving computer and apnea that stands out for its versatility. Ideal for the advanced diver or for technical diving and for apnea or snorkeling, but surprisingly simple for the average diver for providing information clearly and simply with just two buttons.

When purchasing this watch, get the first battery change + leak test for FREE. Postage not included in the offer. 

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