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The Free Dive fins are some of the toughest, most user-friendly fins on the market. Shoe in thermoplastic molded and designed on a plane above the peak to avoid excessive flexion, making its use comfortable and safe. Superior transmission of energy from the leg to the fin blade.Super flexible blade with channels for optimal water passage.

Long-lasting green camouflage even with a lot of use. Perfect for free diving and spearfishing. The blade's side rails reduce slippage, improving its performance and easily meeting the needs of most divers. The blade and shoe are co-molded to ensure they never come apart. All materials used are UV resistant.


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100% fiberglass blades with a 20º angle for better performance with minimal effort.

Matt finish.

Two hardness.

Total length 78cm.

Width 19.50 cm.

With characteristics similar to carbon fiber, they are an excellent choice for users in shallow water or next to rocks, due to their extraordinary resistance.

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